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NEA eNEWS Issue 27

Editorial Issue 27

Business Development is the Focal Point at NEA

Entering new geographical markets and application areas, developing product innovations and continually extending the existing product portfolio by adapting it to meet technical challenges are all part of what business development means to us. The NEA GROUP has always had a good nose for recognizing market developments early and taking the necessary steps to meet them. Rapidly founding a company to develop potential quickly and directly on location, or developing or reinventing a product to produce a fast, tailor-made solution to meet a customer’s specific need are all strengths that result from our flat, flexible organization.

Business Development is not serendipitous at NEA GROUP. It is the product of an integrated process, steered by the Strategic Marketing department, which reports directly to the board of NEA Holding. Added to this, in order to develop targeted growth strategies, the operative business is grouped into three strategic business units: compressor technology, sealing technology, and mechanical processing technology.

Each business unit has its own research and development department and keeps a sharp eye on the market, with customer requirements comprehensively and systematically recorded after every business contact. New opportunities are then formulated into business cases, following detailed exchanges with the management of the relevant strategic business unit. Finally, a defined procedure runs through specific phases marked by various milestones and decision-making processes.

Strategic Marketing is responsible for coordination throughout, which means managing the customer relationship and involvement in the technology right through to initial market launch. This ensures that only the most promising business cases are driven through to market readiness.

The latest onshore and offshore innovation successes demonstrate the great influence this process has had on business development in the NEA GROUP in recent years. Learn more about the new FLNG, EOR and LNG applications in this issue and dive into our business culture.

We hope you enjoy it!

Alexander und Stefanie Peters
Managing Partners

Hear this Editorial on the NEUMAN & ESSER Youtube Channel:

Seal Gas Compressor at the Largest Offshore Facility

A so-called seal gas compressor from NEUMAN & ESSER is an essential safety system for the Prelude. This will be the world’s largest FLNG (Floating Liquefied Natural Gas) facility and is designed to open up gas reserves which were not accessible economically. Compression from 8.5 to 89 bar is a piece of cake for an NEA compressor; likewise the volume flow of 380 Nm³/h. However, the requirement from Lloyd’s Register of Shipping to use Marine Class 1A is a new challenge. A compressor which is installed on a floating facility and must withstand wind gust speeds of up to 330 km/h (205 mph) as well as a maximum wave height of more than 27.5 m (90 ft) had not yet been demanded.

The Prelude developers have decided in favor of turbo compressors for the natural gas production process. A disadvantage of this compressor type is that it cannot maintain the pressure in case of stoppages. The dry-running NEA TDS 30, the only reciprocating compressor on board, will solve this in the future. It will keep the process gas compressor’s dry gas seals pressurized during standstill. This ensures that explosive gas cannot escape.

Find here a clip about the Prelude’s maiden voyage

CO2 Compressor Unit Increases EOR


Newly developed Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) methods increase yields in oil and gas exploration significantly. The most successful method is gas injection. Here, gas is guided into the borehole under high pressure in order to push oil up to the surface. Additionally, the gas is dissolved in the oil and liquefies the raw material.

An American oil and natural gas producer was looking for a compressor solution in an EOR application for a gas production unit: 95% CO2 with a suction pressure of only 1 bar, a discharge pressure of up to 140 bar and a design flow rate of almost 30,000 m³/h had to be compressed.

NEA proposed a combination of a screw compressor and a reciprocating compressor based on NEA SAPS concept. This further development proved to be an ideal solution for high-performance applications such as EOR gas injection which save the operator time and money. The novel concept can now also be applied to further EOR applications with CO2 injections, thus improving the exploration of crude oil and natural gas further and increasing its yield.

More information about the EOR project is available in five different languages in the e-magazine “Pumps and Compressors for the World Market” of the VDMA on page 45:

Innovative Concept on LNG Compressors

NEA LNG compressors cover the major applications for handling LNG as well as for offshore and onshore plants within the LNG chain. The send-out compressors are able boost the vaporized LNG up to 110 bar for feeding in all pipeline networks. Fuelgas compressors deliver the suction pressure for injecting LNG boil-off for 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines. To maintain the critical conditions within LNG tanks, BOG compressors are used to manage reliable and efficient boil-off of the LNG. They are available as small-scale V-type or mid-scale horizontal compressors with up to 4,000 kg/h flow.

NEUMAN & ESSER’s innovative concept to inject LNG after the first compressor stage is an optimized solution for both the start-up period and continuous operation. The major advantage of the higher LNG mass flow whilst power consumption remains nearly constant is paying off in particular during send-out operation.

Read more about NEA LNG compressors

Long-Term Investment

NEA pendulum mills achieved a considerable increase in production

YARA International is a Norwegian fertilizer, urea, nitrate and ammonia manufacturer located in Oslo. In Germany, the Chemicals Group operates a Research and Sales Center in Dülmen, fertilizer works in Poppendorf close to Rostock as well as production plants in Brunsbüttel, Bad Hönningen and Dormagen on the Rhine.

More information about YARA International


Large quantities of dolomite are pulverized at the Rostock works and used as fertilizer carriers. Until recently, pendulum mills from a French manufacturer were used there. They displayed massive wear and tear, both on the base of the mill housing and on the main vertical shaft. The shovel shaft and the shovels were only designed as a welded sheet steel construction. A further weakness in the highly abrasive environment was that the pendulum purge air was fed using rubber hoses.

These problems are the reasons why YARA looked for reliable mills and struck it rich at NEUMAN & ESSER. The wear resistant pendulum mills with components which are easy to exchange could easily assert their position against the competition.

Wear Resistant Mills for Top Requirements
NEA pendulum mills incorporate 80 years’ experience, both in construction materials and design. For example, the four-part ground wear plate can be replaced very fast. The shovel shaft and shovel carrier are made of robust cast steel and the shovels themselves are made of high strength sheet steel. In contrast to the current mill, NEUMAN & ESSER does not use any rubber tubes for the purge air. The pendulum purge air is fed through the rotor and the spigot trunnion. It is a well-designed, long-term and above all, nonwearing solution.

Wolfgang Palm, Sales Manager After Sales at NEUMAN & ESSER Mahl- und Sichtsysteme, was responsible for the new installation of the PM 30 at YARA. He stated that “The special feature of this project was its many ambitious specifications. For example, it involved a very tight time frame. We had to conclude all of the assembly work within only three weeks.” This is precisely the period of time which YARA schedules for the annual servicing of the entire fertilizer works. Also, the space available for the 42 ton heavy lower mill housing was extremely tight. For the installation of the cast housing with the dimensions 4,900 x 4,400 x 1,100 mm, the access space was very limited. “To the left and right of the housing, we had no more than a hand’s width of space“, explains the NEA Sales Manager.

YARA stipulated that the mill gear, mill drive and upper mill housing including the feeder from the existing pendulum mill had to be reused. NEA incorporated all of these components into the complete system design.

Ambitious Project Mastered with Routine

Following the successful mill assembly, the NEA experts installed a new inverted cone classifier and incorporated the product and hot gas ducts into the system design. The pulverizing system was operable again within the specified period of only three weeks.

Wolfgang Palm is satisfied: “YARA is now perfectly equipped for dolomite grinding. Apart from the very tight space available, this is really a routine project for us. The dolomite has very little wear effect on the lower mill housing and the vertical main shaft any longer. The mill now consists of very solid components.”

YARA Rostock Project Manager Wolfgang Wolff is most impressed: “The newly installed pendulum mills mean a huge improvement for me and not only with regard to their wear and tear behavior. The new mills are considerably quieter and enable higher throughput. The first PM 30 installed by NEUMAN & ESSER already improved throughput by 15% to 34,500 kg/h. We now even manage 37,500 kg/h with the new filter. Moreover, we can adapt the fineness better to our requirements.”

After installation of the first PM 30 and its reliable functioning since then, YARA has also replaced the second mill with a PM 30 from NEUMAN & ESSER. It was installed in September last year and has been grinding kieserite and anhydrite since the beginning of October. Although these are the first NEA mills for YARA, the companies have known each other much longer. Four MAFA Wurzen compressors have been in use at these works for over 30 years. MAFA was taken over by NEA Holding in 1991 and these compressors have been serviced since then by the company group service provider, NEAC Compressor Service.

Vessels in Good Order

NEAC Maintenance on the High Seas

The Norwegian company Eidesvik runs a modern fleet of highly specialized vessels, a number of which operate in the seismic survey sector. Their longtime business partner CGG is a fully integrated geoscience company operating out of 70 locations worldwide.

More information about CGG


For three years now, their joint venture, CGG Eidesvik Ship Management AS, has operated and managed the high-end seismic vessels in the CGG fleet. This venture was created to share the constraints of seismic operations and achieve excellence through reduced maritime downtime, better targeted maintenance and improved information flow.

The ship management joint venture operates ten vessels, one of which is the Oceanic Endeavour. This is a dual-source, multi-streamer seismic vessel equipped with state-of-the-art integrated geophysical and navigation data acquisition systems.

The seismic sources on the vessel consist of tuned arrays of air guns. Three NEA Seismic Air Power Systems (NEA SAPS) of the 62 series serve as energy sources for the air guns. They provide air pressure of up to 200 bar (3,000 psi) with a screw compressor and a three-stage, two-cylinder V-type NEA reciprocating compressor.


Competent and flexible on board
Once a year, NEAC Compressor Service carries out maintenance work on the containerized compressor systems. The technicians inspect and replace wear parts if necessary. To keep downtime to a minimum, the three-year revision and subsequently the one-year service were scheduled during a dry dock overhaul in Måløy, Norway.

To save time, the supervisors boarded the ship there before their colleagues joined them in Måløy. The NEAC supervisors started with the first dismantling work during the transfer, in consideration of the tight time schedule of two weeks.

»During overhaul and measuring almost all replacement components showed no, or only little wear and were in remarkably good condition«

Coordinating their work was particularly challenging for the service technicians. As usual on a ship, resources such as cranes, tools, mounting equipment or hoisting devices are always limited. Nevertheless, the six NEAC experts disassembled all recip compressor wear parts (apart from such crankcase driven components as the cross head or connecting rod), and replaced them with new ones, where necessary. They also exchanged the frame tie-rods with newly designed and improved ones.

After this they replaced the three screw compressors with new couplings, coupling bolts and alignment and the existing condensate system also had to be renewed. In addition NEAC checked and cleaned all other important parts to ensure proper and even better functioning of the complete unit.

NEAC Product Manager Stefan Damberg was surprised: “During overhaul and measuring almost all replacement components showed no, or only little wear and were in remarkably good condition.”

For the next 4,000 operating hours, the Oceanic Endeavour is now perfectly prepared for superior 3D high-resolution and 4D seismic projects; in accordance with its leitmotif: safer, quieter, better offshore acquisition.


Read more about NEA Seismic Air Power Systems


Find here an interesting clip about this subject

Clean Air for Brazil

Compressors for HDS-Process

After several years of intense processing work, NEA América do Sul successfully completed an important job this past April. It included the installation and commissioning of the first three compressor systems in South America with the impressive NEA size 500 frame compressor with 1,000 kN rod load.

These systems with three-stage and four-crank NEA reciprocating processors are designed according to the API 618 5th edition and were installed in the new diesel desulfurization unit (HDS) S-10 at the largest refinery in Brazil. The construction of this HDS unit, managed by a well-known Brazilian contractor, took more than four years and is one of the most significant investments of the giant Brazilian oil company. Therefore, the procurement of the critical system components such as the compressor systems was in the hands of the operator.

High Level Engineering Requirements
Each system is driven by a 6 MW strong synchronized electric motor and consists of a large number of components which make all “engineering hearts” beat faster: pulsation dampers, interstage process gas coolers, a frame-mounted oil system according to API with stainless steel components, remote control panels, an installed monitoring system, hydraulic stepless flow control system and a lot more was carried out in accordance with the order. All three units for the diesel desulfurization process are designed for a volume flow of up to 55,000 Nm³/h hydrogen with a suction pressure of 20 bar g and a discharge pressure of 140 bar g. Here, without exception, NEA América do Sul was responsible for the concept and its implementation “from the first stroke of the pen” in detailed engineering to successful installation and start-up.

Tests Included
In addition to checking the foundation and the alignment of compressors with the system components, the entire electronics also had to be checked. The prime task when making electrical checks was to set up the panel of each excitation machine precisely for each drive whilst taking all interfaces to the corresponding power station into account.

The completion of the instrumentation was quite detailed and included the fine tuning of the computer-supported stepless volume flow control, and synchronizing the control device data for each compressor with the HDS unit data.

An Investment Which Pays Off
The investment in the HDS S-10 unit is immensely important for Brazil. With the objective of producing diesel with a maximum of 10 mg/kg sulfur dioxide trace amounts and the reduction of nitrogen oxide emission by 15%, it is now possible to keep to the specified environmental regulations. The winners with this investment are the residents of Brazil’s larger cities.

Successful installation of these turnkey systems proves once more that the Belo Horizonte engineering team is also capable of implementing orders of this magnitude professionally and punctually in the oil & gas segment and in-line of contractors’ and operators’ extreme requirements.

Read more about desulfurization on Wikipedia

Compressor Day Thailand

Glamorous Day in the Land of Smiles

Following the conclusion of large-scale investments at the location in Rayong, Thailand, the opportunity was ripe for the two local companies to present their comprehensive range of services as part of a ceremonial event. After taking the Thai horoscope, the dates of company establishment, the managing directors and the location into consideration, March 19 was chosen for the Compressor Day.

The organizational work for the varied program was extensive and was handled together by Khun Boonsiri Thairattawin‘s local organization team and Corporate Communications from the headquarters in Germany. Thus, NEUMAN & ESSER South East Asia and NEAC Compressor Service Ltd. were able to welcome more than 200 of their well-traveled customers, suppliers and agents from Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand at their festively prepared premises.

The agenda left nothing to be desired for the engineering companies, operators and servicing experts amongst the customers. The two Managing Directors, Andrew Thom and Arnd Viets, opened the program with a presentation of the latest product innovation, the stepless volume flow control system using additional clearance pocket for both new and existing compressors. Details of Engineering Design work of packaged equipment were presented by Satishkumar Puduru from the globally supporting NEA Compressor Application Center Pvt. Ltd.

Jörg Strizek, NEAC Compressor Service Ltd. Managing Director, impressively introduced the extended services program. In addition to the familiar repairs and on-site service, it now also includes technical customer service with diagnosis as a package for the eleven OEM legacies.

The “Compressor Health Check” lecture, during which the thermodynamic principles were demonstrated with the complexity of compressor technology based on medical examination of the human body, was well-received. This enabled Harry Lankenau, Engineering Manager at headquarters, and his colleague in Rayong, Teerawat Kijsawas, Senior Technical Service Engineer, to show the practical part following the theoretical introduction in the Service Center on the operating NEA compressor type 1TZS20-160. For this purpose, they equipped the compressor with NEA valves which measured the dynamic cylinder pressure clearly via a specially prepared tapping in the central valve screw. The advantage: assessment of the “health check” is possible using NEA KO³ software as a comparison between the theoretical and actual thermodynamic compressor conditions.

NEAC Compressor Service Ltd. is authorized to take measurements for all compressor components from the cylinder to the new crankcase according to RCC level C. Correspondingly, Khun Teerawat Kijsawas and Waldemar Lutz, Head of Department Service and Repairs, carried out demonstrations on the crank shaft bearing alignment checks with the 2D laser at the crank shaft bearing model and at the crank shaft on the granite table in the NEAC repair shop.

After these impressive technical demonstrations, the time had come for a further event highlight: the official opening of the new office building. On the way there, all guests were sent on a journey through time. In front of the entrance, they came past a wall documentation of the corporate history of the NEUMAN & ESSER GROUP cleverly arranged in labyrinth-like fashion.

Before this, Alexander Peters, Managing Partner of the NEA GROUP, had taken the opportunity to hand over to Andrew Thom a special photo collage, which had been prepared for him as a thank-you for ten years’ work, showing the highlights of his success over the past decade. He will retire on June 30 this year. Until then, the destiny of NEA South East Asia will be steered together with Arnd Viets, the joint Managing Director of the company since April 1, 2014. The NEA GROUP would like to wish the entire Rayong workforce continued excellent success under its new management!

Compressor Days in the Gulf Region

Many customers took up their invitation to attend the Compressor Days. This specialist conference began on March 24 in Kuwait and then continued in Abu Dhabi, Sohar and Muscat. Emad Tabaza and Thomas Borchardt, respectively Managing Directors of NEA Gulf and STASSKOL, designed a fascinating series of lectures on compressors and sealing elements. The discussions among the 50 guests proved their great technical interest in NEA GROUP’s innovative product portfolio.

Training On The Road

This is the slogan for a day-long training seminar NEAC Compressor Service is offering customers in fall 2014.

The five locations of Hamburg, Leipzig, Stuttgart and Cologne in Germany, and Linz in Austria have been strategically selected to give as many German-speaking customers as possible the opportunity to benefit from the know-how of the world’s largest OEM compressor service specialist. A variety of technical lectures are planned. This seminar once again demonstrates the close relationship NEAC maintains with its customers.

+49 2451/481-302

25 Years' Grinding and Classifying

Anniversary at NEUMAN & ESSER Mahl- und Sichtsysteme

On the occasion of the company’s anniversary, customers, suppliers and agents will be invited to a technical specialist event with lectures and hands-on workshops.

The invitation will follow soon. Please, note the date: October 30, 2014

MoBIO 800

▪ mobile ▪ flexible ▪ safe
The Biogas Trade Fair from January 14 to 16 in Nuremberg, Germany, saw NEA introducing its new mobile gas compressor MoBIO 800. The new compressor unit enables an early injection into the gas grid before the stationary compressor plant is put into operation. The biogas compressor provides a gas volume of 800 Nm³/h at different pressure conditions. The suction pressures vary between 1 to 10 bar abs. depending on the biogas production. The final pressures range from 16 to 85 bar.

Gastech in Seoul

NEA South East Asia and NEAC Compressor Service Ltd. could not have found a better platform for winning new customers than the Gastech in Korea from March 24 to 27. Attendance by decision makers from the fields of gas transport and storage as well as LNG was unexpectedly large. In particular, the Korean EPC customers were pleasantly surprised by the attractions at the 68 m² large booth. The six-crank construction size 500 compressor model with a scale of 1:10 as well as main bearing bore measurement using two-dimensional laser equipment were used for expert discussions.

Expomin 2014 in Santiago de Chile

The largest mining event in the key market of Latin America and one of the largest in the world – Expomin 2014 – was held in the Chilean capital, Santiago, from April 21 to 25. The fair attracted a massive 1,640 exhibitors from 36 countries. NEUMAN & ESSER Sistemas de Moagem e Classificação showed their products at the important gathering of leading industry clients and deemed their participation as huge success.

India: Equipped for Large Scale Plants

Twelve years after foundation, eight years after erection of the office building and five years after construction of the packaging hall, things are becoming too cramped for the workforce at the Pune location in many respects. This is not very surprising in view of both staff-intense companies NEA India for sales and aftermarket as well as NEA Compressor Application Centre for compressor plant engineering in Asia which have expanded further. Therefore, after acquiring the neighboring plot of land, plans for a generous extension were developed by the local Managing Director, Atul Agarwal’s team alongside Suresh Patil and Dr. Norbert Winands from the headquarters in Germany. The plan is to extend the existing hall to 2,000 m² and equip it with a 30 t crane as well as state-of-the-art facilities. This will do justice to the positive development, in particular the efficient packaging of large-scale compressor systems for chemicals and petrochemicals in good time.

The new building will be used simultaneously to modernize the existing infrastructure in the office building. Additionally, the open-plan offices will also enjoy more spacious design than in the past. The local responsible persons reckon with a resulting improvement of the internal communication process within the departments. The starting shot for this investment of some 1 million EUR has not yet been fired. However, there are not many more open items to be clarified before investment will commence. Belief in the Indian market and trust in the local workforce remain untouched.

Brazil: The Path to Excellent Service

While two companies in India are eagerly awaiting expansion, there are three in Brazil: NEA América do Sul, in charge of compressor sales and applications; NEAC Compressor Service Ltda, with the task of aftermarket care for these units, and NEA Sistemas de Moagem et Classificacao, responsible for grinding and classifying systems. This is why 69 Belo Horizonte employees are particularly looking forward to the coming quarter when construction work expanding the existing hall from 1,700 to 3,000 m² is due to begin. The near doubling of floor space means that several compressor units can be assembled simultaneously in the future, internal processes be improved, stock levels increased, and grinding components completed.

Building work is projected to end by July 2015. By then, the site’s access paths will also have been paved and a new car park created for staff. The goal of this investment is to provide the region’s customers with all-round excellent service.

18th Crawfish Boil in Katy

Just as the aroma of currywurst whets the appetites of NEA employees at the German locations, its equivalent for the workforce in Katy, Texas, is its legendary Crawfish Boil cooked to creole perfection. This tradition was introduced by the Germany-born, Vice President, Henning von Haefen 18 years ago and it grows bigger every year. Some 90 visitors came to the Katy local state park on April 5, including all the NEA USA, NEAC USA employees with their families and pets. The owners of the local packaging partner, Custom Heliarc, attended too and followed tradition, bringing the beer keg. It is the custommade, wooden keg casing that holds a special meaning because it has every year of the crawfish boil carved on the exterior. All the crawfish were quickly devoured after two hours, but the fun and games enjoyed by the younger guests lasted several more hours. It goes without saying that the tradition will continue for many more years.

Taking a Shot at Golf Sponsoring

Where is one of the best places to meet decision makers from the natural gas industry? Hands down – the golf course. This spring, at the NGL Marketers Golf Tournament hosted by the Gas Processors Association, NEA USA recognized this opportunity and took advantage of becoming a golf hole sponsor. The setting, at the Cowboys Golf Club in Dallas, attracted 150 customers and suppliers. On the course, Key Account Managers Roy Jacobs and Manuel Morales competed with their foursome team while building stronger customer relationships. Off the course, Sales Assistant Cara Ross promoted the NEA USA brand at a table loaded with various promotional items, brochures and a popular $100 gift card raffle. As a result, sponsoring at the golf tournament turned out to be a great networking source for the sales team and a successful promotional opportunity for NEA USA.

More and More NEA Fathers Take Parental Leave

NEUMAN & ESSER actively encourages fathers – just as mothers – to take parental leave following the birth of their children. More and more fathers have taken this opportunity at the three German locations during the past few years, ensuring a common start in life with the new family member.

“The moment when our son Alexander saw the light of day was unbelievable“, as Thomas Mingers still explains visibly moved. “I am grateful that I was allowed to experience the first weeks with my wife and son so intensely.“

Equally, the parental leave period for Alexander Effertz was an important opportunity to spend an intense and exciting time with his family. “My wife and I were most happy to be able to prepare ourselves together for the new situation with two children.“

It was also important to Timo Kitschen to be able to establish a relationship with his son during the parental leave period. “Moreover, I wanted to be involved directly in order to take decisions, even for really trivial matters. Now I know when to change diapers and how to dress babies according to the weather.“

Thus, NEA supports the young families, making the decision to take parental leave easier for both mothers and fathers. Happy families are also an important factor for NEUMAN & ESSER: Because content employees in a family-friendly company can concentrate better on their work.

Remaining Cents for a Good Cause

The Remaining Cents Campaign originated from a works council initiative at NEA in Übach-Palenberg in April 2013. Since then, virtually the entire workforce at the location donates the few cents after the decimal point on the pay slip each month for a good cause. A donation which, in total, can make a difference.

Its effectiveness can be proved by the approximately 1,500 EUR which were donated this way last year. After the numerous suggestions put forward for the appropriation of the funds, last year’s choice was the Association for Seriously Sick Children in Aachen. Children and youths with serious illnesses or handicaps are helped there. The check was handed over to Board member Dr. Stefan Schäfer at the NEA Christmas party. Which needy association could it go to this year?


Link to the “Förderkreis Schwerkranke Kinder” (in German)

NEA’s 3rd Health Day

Series on Health, Part 7

Under the banner “Fit for Life”, the German sites celebrated a health day in April, an event that staff had been greatly looking forward to. Every course and every lecture was well attended, a sure sign of a successful mix of exciting presentations on fitness and health. The info booths of EAP-Assist and two health insurances were also at hand to give staff personal advice.

As in previous years, the day got off to a good start with a healthy breakfast. Stefanie Peters opened proceedings in Übach-Palenberg and thanked the HR department for organizing such a varied program. Bettina Heinecke, from EAPAssist, the health care program for businesses, gave a presentation at every site to explain how everyone can mobilize the power within themselves to achieve health and balance in both their private and working lives. Company doctor Klaus Hamacher gave a talk about “hypertension – the secret killer“.

The rollover simulator was the biggest attraction in Stassfurt and Wurzen. This was used to instruct staff on how to free themselves quickly and safely from imprisonment in the passenger seat after a car accident.

At NEA headquarters, Andreas Niedrig posed the question, “Can you always realize your dreams?” His biography was published as a book titled “From Junkie to Iron Man” and was subsequently made into a movie in 2008. He presented the key to overcoming any crisis: defining clear goals allows you to look to the future and means that you will have no problem reaching new targets along the path to happiness.

In his taster course, staff coach Marco Fuchs demonstrated exercises that can keep you fit and which you can do in the smallest spaces and without using equipment – even on your break or on business trips. He currently trains NEA staff twice a week.

Further information about Andreas Niedrig (in German):


NEA GROUP carried out a fire and emergency training exercise at the Brazilian site in Belo Horizonte on March 20 and 21. The aim was to teach employees to prevent and combat fires, as well as to train them in appropriate evacuation procedures. Further topics addressed were first aid and the protection of life and property, in order to minimize the social consequences, and prevention of damage to the environment.

Video on YouTube

Video on Facebook



Successful SAP Start at NEA

Smooth integration of SAP into the NEA GROUP

Offers, assignments, orders, stocks, deliveries, invoices, postings and evaluations – the 22 operative companies belonging to the NEA GROUP generate and process a large quantity of data which to-date has been managed using different IT systems. In order to ensure that information processing can support the global presence of NEUMAN & ESSER better, SAP is being introduced within the Group. Here, the primary objective is to consolidate and to standardize processes and data, and to contribute to improvement of internal and external communications.

According to Thomas Kloke, Head of IT, the introduction of SAP is one of the company’s largest projects and comparable with commissioning a new plant. The project started in Oct. 2012. In Apr. 2013, NEA Gulf FZE in Dubai was the first location which introduced the new system. In Jan. 2014, NEAC Italia and some parts of the administration in Übach-Palenberg followed suit. Since April this year, both production works in Übach-Palenberg and Wurzen as well as NEAC Compressor Service are also incorporated. All the remaining companies will follow step-by-step.

“The SAP system constitutes the framework for mapping and controlling our data and processes. However, the system can only be as good as the persons who use it,” as Thomas Kloke explains. “The system change from Baan to SAP primarily ran so smoothly because the key users implemented all the necessary introductory work with a high degree of commitment and a great deal of expertise.“ As a little thank-you, all the key users involved were invited to an excursion to Maastricht, including wine tasting, a boat trip and dinner.


Yes, that’s me, Amelie. On Feb. 4, 2014 at 8.31 a.m. I saw the light of day and weighed-in at 2,870 g with a height of 51 cm. Life is really exciting – I mustn’t miss anything under any circumstances! I am often at NEUMAN & ESSER. I love lying on the conference table when exciting meetings take place, it’s pretty boring in mom’s office in comparison. But my very favorite is in 7th milk heaven …

My parents Stefanie Peters and Peter Fleige say that they are overwhelmed with joy with me.

Entrepreneur’s Award for Klaus Peters

With its Entrepreneur’s Award, the Business-Club Aachen-Maastricht honors outstanding entrepreneurial personalities who are not only successful, but also commit themselves to the needs of society. With the festive background of the Quellenhof in Aachen, the Lord Mayor Marcel Philipp explained in his laudatory speech that Klaus Peters, as the December 2013 award winner, meets these conditions in each and every respect.

Mr. Peters attributed his own success to “good fortune, frugality as well as loyal and selflessly devoted employees”. He donated the prize of 5,000 EUR both to “Aachener Engel e.V.” and to the Protestant Women’s Association.

Arnd Viets


■ Since April 2014: Managing Director of NEUMAN & ESSER South East Asia Ltd., Thailand
■ Born on Sept. 15, 1966 in Wegberg, Germany, married, two sons

Education: ■ 1984-1988: Apprenticeship as a machine fitter at the textile machine manufacturer’s W. Schlafhorst & Co. in Mönchengladbach, Germany
■ 1990-1995: Degree course in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Aachen
■ 1995: Degree dissertation in the faculty Mechanical Engineering, Energy and Environmental Technology

Professional Career: ■ 1997-1999: Production Manager for heat exchanger construction at Hans Güntner Pty. in Johannesburg, South Africa
■ 1999-2005: Project Engineer in the area Construction and Processing at NEUMAN & ESSER GmbH & Co. KG in Übach-Palenberg, Germany
■ 2005-2008: Project Engineer in the area Compressor Design & Internal Sales at NEUMAN & ESSER GmbH & Co. KG
■ 2008 -2014: Area Sales Manager for the sales region South East Asia, Australia and India at NEUMAN & ESSER Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG in Übach-Palenberg

■ Tennis and badminton