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NEA eNEWS Issue 30

Editorial Issue 30


186 years’ NEUMAN & ESSER as a family company with a distinct bedrock of values of which 125 years under the ownership and management of the Peters family. That is an important anniversary for our family and entrepreneurship!

The development of the NEUMAN & ESSER GROUP is closely linked to the four generations of the Managing Partners Oscar Peters, Wolfgang Peters, Klaus Peters as well as Stefanie and Alexander Peters. The company’s history shows that each of them took the right common decisions with the employees during the respective age. This includes courage, trust in the future and the willingness to risk leaving well-travelled tracks. Success set in because the entire company was always behind the decision-makers. Personal exchange between the entrepreneurial family and employees is the basis for forming reciprocal trust there.

Against this backdrop, we developed the Strategy 2020 with “creative NEA heads” last year and now look forward to implementing the newly set targets together in the GROUP. Here, the focus is placed on the expansion of our technological leadership, 360° product and process quality and the opportunity to be able to react flexibly to new market requirements. The development of intelligent technical concepts which are advantageous for the customers is a further core topic.

With the acquisition of Andreas Hofer Hochdrucktechnik GmbH in November 2015, we were able to fulfill several of our strategic targets at one blow: thus we extended our compressor technology portfolio with high pressure compressors for applications up to 5,000 bar which we had not been able to provide so far. Moreover, we will develop innovative hybrid solutions from the combination of NEA reciprocating compressors and HOFER diaphragm compressors which are intelligent and efficient at the same time.

In the process, HOFER will grow profitably. We will achieve this with step-by-step integration into the decentralized NEA GROUP sales organization. We are proud that HOFER is now a member of the company group and welcome a highly motivated team of qualified employees to the NEA family.

Stefanie und Alexander Peters
Managing Partners of NEA Holding

Traditional Values

A Sound Basis of Values Creates Stability, Loyalty and Trust

»A community is only created if values are shared, a strong bond, also between different cultural circles.«

Family businesses have clear targets, common values and a strong self-conception. This also applies to the company NEUMAN & ESSER which will be 186 years old this year, of which 125 years have been under the ownership of the Peters family and with its members heading it.

During this period, NEUMAN & ESSER has managed, initially in accordance with the region’s industrial development, to establish itself with an innovative product portfolio starting with the patented shearing machine via the steam machine up to the reciprocating compressor. In the middle of the 20th century, the sales markets became international and as a result the requirements more varied. NEUMAN & ESSER was able to expand business with the help of strong research & development and short decision routes. In 1965, the production works – then headquartered in Aachen – had 200 employees and a turnover of 6 million DM. We now count 1,022 employees in ten countries who generate an annual turnover of € 240 million. The reason for this upswing: NEUMAN & ESSER was able to occupy niches and establish itself as a technology leader on the global market in the past few decades.

It is also noteworthy that each of the Managing Partners in their own function had to master special challenges in addition to operative business. Here a flashback: Oscar Peters (1891 to 1942) purchased the company in 1891 and steered it through the World War I. His son, Wolfgang Peters (1930 to 1976) maneuvered the company through the World War II and re-established it with his employees as a technologically shaped mechanical engineering company during the post-war period. Klaus Peters (1965 to 2007) recognized the need to decentralize and developed an internationally acting GROUP from a nucleus: the production works.

These three generations were responsible for the development of NEUMAN & ESSER over a span of 115 years. They all mastered crises, upswing, growth and other awkward phases within a tight period. Since 2007, Stefanie
and Alexander Peters manage the company group and bank on a different focus with the targets: expansion of technological leadership, generation of profitable growth and establishment of knowledge management, and this in particular against the backdrop of a strong accelerative trend, where the innovation cycles are becoming shorter and the markets move faster. In 125 years, there have clearly been dramatic developments. The character of the family company has nonetheless remained unchanged in its basic principles.


The answer is simple: because NEUMAN & ESSER has a foundation of values which is based on long-term action as well as sustainable values. This long-term nature cannot merely be recognized in the numerous investments in the German and international locations which convey the customers and employees: “We are here to stay”. It is also demonstrated by the family circumstances such as the strong equity position in order to maintain NEUMAN & ESSER successfully as a family-owned company in the long-term. This proves that family entrepreneurs have a different time horizon: they take measure in generations as opposed to quarters like stock exchange noted companies.

Values such as continuity, respect and responsibility for employees and business partners, flexibility and loyalty, quality and last but not least family friendliness denote the foundations of NEA corporate culture. A corporate culture which has become a brand core of the product and the messages it conveys.

»Living such values and anchoring them throughout the company is a daily task for all employees.«

The core of the employer brand NEUMAN & ESSER also incorporates apprenticeship and further training of young people, thus creating a bond with qualified expert staff. An innovative spirit can only be generated via the interplay between experienced and young employees who indulge in lateral thinking. However, this also assumes that the corresponding freedom is created for repeated regeneration, whether via questioning applied technologies or work processes. Idea Management worldwide promotes the commitment of employees to regard their working environment critically. The ideas which arise here are integrated into the NEA world – an important piece in the puzzle for strengthening competitiveness.

However, the question is not whether values are important, but rather why?

People associate the positive with values in every respect. “Value” is a term for something which mentally moves everyone deeply and motivates people to act. A community is only created if values are shared, a strong bond, also between different cultural circles. On the other hand, the multitude of cultures generates inventive creativity – a prerequisite for the technological leadership at NEUMAN & ESSER. International exchange at all levels of the NEA GROUP provides a decisive cornerstone for creativity and has already yielded astounding results. This is only feasible within an atmosphere of reciprocal respect and trust. These surroundings result in strong affinity to the company.

Living such values and anchoring them throughout the company is a daily task for all employees. These common values have developed and become established across several generations. People are the decisive factor. And Stefanie and Alexander Peters are aware of this and therefore carry the corporate culture of the NEUMAN & ESSER GROUP to all locations, worldwide.

On the occasion of this year’s anniversaries some events will start in June. Keynote Speaker at the Official Reception is Prof. Dr. Peter May, Managing Partner of Peter May Family Business Consulting.


Andreas Hofer: An Acquisition with Substantial Growth Targets

The largest acquisition in NEUMAN & ESSER’s history, Andreas Hofer Hochdrucktechnik GmbH, is an asset for our company group in several respects!“, as Alexander Peters explains. “The ground for this was already prepared 20 years ago when our father, Klaus Peters, showed interested in HOFER with entrepreneurial farsightedness”, as Stefanie Peters adds. Since then, HOFER and NEA have collaborated closely within the scope of sales cooperation. HOFER was not only familiar to NEUMAN & ESSER for this reason. The company had been family-managed in its third generation since 1920 and therefore followed similar targets and values to NEUMAN & ESSER. Both family companies also have technological leadership and the manufacturing of customer-specific systems in common on their respective markets.

Reason enough that, on November 5, 2015, what belongs together was joined. Since then, HOFER, headquartered in Mülheim an der Ruhr, and its approx. 70 employees have been a member of the NEUMAN & ESSER GROUP.

What advantages result from the acquisition for both parties and in particular for the customers?

The HOFER brand stands for a high-quality and technically excellent product portfolio of diaphragm, highpressure reciprocating compressors and fittings. It is not only true to say that with this product addition NEA now provides a performance range from low pressure up to 5,000 bar from a single source, but new technological concepts arise from this, too. Thus, work on innovative hybrid solutions is currently in full swing, a combination of leak-free diaphragm technology and NEA crankcases. This intelligent solution will enable NEUMAN & ESSER to respond to the current “Zero Emission” megatrend and to serve new market niches.

»The largest acquisition in NEUMAN & ESSER’s history is an asset for our company group in several respects!«

NEUMAN & ESSER also views high growth potential for HOFER as a result of the acquisition. For this purpose, sales, which are currently made by a network of agents, will be expanded. An integration plan has been specially developed for this purpose and plans step-by-step integration of the new machinery business for the HOFER product into the international NEA structure of Sales & Application Centers as well as the aftermarket business in the NEAC Compressor Service companies. This approach is valid for the Oil & Gas and Petrochemicals segments. The markets where the NEA GROUP companies are not “at home” will still be served directly by the HOFER sales employees.

In addition to these strategic targets to focus on new markets and internationalization, the takeover also provides positive synergies in administrative areas. Why not profit from both companies’ core suppliers or utilize the other company’s capacity to compensate production peaks? The list of synergies is long and the implementation of all the measures requires a healthy portion of tact. Alexander Peters and Dr. Klaus Hoff as new HOFER Managing Directors as well as Andreas Hirschter as the Integration Project Manager assume this responsibility.


NEA Rus in Moscow Gains New Packager with Special Know-How

In January 2016, NEUMAN & ESSER Rus concluded a cooperation agreement with the compressor manufacturer and packager LLC NOEMI in Veriya, close to Moscow. Within the course of the expansion of global repair competence, this cooperation is a further milestone in the augmentation of the local RCC service network. Already in December 2015, it was possible to repair a CO2 compressor successfully at LLC NOEMI according to NEA guidelines. With this local setup, NEA Rus is now able to offer customers repairs and maintenance work at affordable delivery and price terms in local currency. Moreover, NEA Rus is now able to localize considerably more system components and therefore do justice to the Russian government’s demands for more domestic content. Here, too, an initial order from NEA Deutschland was already received by NOEMI in 2015: to create a package for construction size 30 as an Arctic container solution – something the new partner specializes in. The manufacturing company is privately owned and has 100 employees. Per year, NOEMI builds some 15 to 20 three-stage O2 compressors for bottling with an end pressure of 165 bar, a driving power of 25 kW and a volume flow of 60 Nm³/h. On top of the manufacturing facility, NOEMI employs welding specialists as well as having I&C and electrical departments. Containers, heat exchangers and control cabinets are specifically designed and supplied with Russian documentation which is so important for this market. NOEMI plans to extend its capacities for packaging reciprocating compressors with power of up to 200 kW in July 2016.

NEA Beijing Opens New Logistics Hub in Shanghai

Upgrading – that was also NEA Beijing’s motivation to move its service area from Peking to Shanghai last year. The repair and logistics center found its new base on the Atlas Copco (Shanghai) Process Equipment Co., Ltd. company premises. The infrastructure with the work centers now enables NEA Beijing to do justice to the considerably increased aftermarket equirements for refineries, petrochemicals and the chemicals industry. This is equally true for breweries and further CO2 applications which need competent service at short notice. Not only is NEA Beijing now far closer to its customers and can therefore react faster to inquiries, the company also has a substantial warehouse with spare parts which can be procured fast. Its own workshop for servicing and repairing components at a high quality level rounds off the portfolio. The “Service Plus Package” for CO2 systems: NEA Beijing provides its customers a CO2 replacement compressor from the NEA workshop during the modernization phase. With the help of this concept, NEA Beijing ensures that the customer’s operation runs further with no interruptions, thus contributing to a minimization of downtime costs.


ICM Training: A Concept for Ambitious Learning Targets

For more than three decades, NEUMAN & ESSER Mahl- und Sichtsysteme and the application of the Impact Classifier Mill processing powder coatings have been a true success story. The customer relationships which have developed during this period have contributed to the ideal align¬ment of the product to the special requirements of the market.

Thus, it was the NEA customers who repeatedly expressed their wish to NEA for specific training classes to improve the efficiency of their existing systems within their company and to improve their maintenance and operator personnel experience and qualifications. The existing facilities in Übach-Palenberg with seminar rooms and the fully equipped Test Center provided an excellent basis to develop an effective training program with both theoretical and practical lessons.

Shortly after the training date was announced, the seminar was fully booked with eleven participants from five German-speaking companies. These included representatives from well-known producers such as Brillux, CWS, Freilacke, Tiger and Wörwag.

In total, the participants were offered 14 lectures covering a wide variety of topics addressing the grinding system. In addition to the purely procedural contributions about the Impact Classifier Mill and efficient use of the Cyclone Classifier, content relating to servicing and maintenance was also presented in-depth.

The theory developed early in the lessons was im¬plemented practically during two grinding experiment test series. One test series was performed with the configuration set up with a Cyclone Separator and the other with a Cyclone Classifier. In this instance, the participants prepared, implemented and evaluated both experiments according to pecified grinding experiment targets.

All participants completed the course successfully and their learning experience was confirmed with a certificate after which they were congratulated by the Seminar Managers Marc Giersemehl, Vice President Operations, and Christian Begass, Sales.

The next training session will take place on May 3 and 4, 2016 . Interested candidates please contact:

Energy-Efficient Volume Flow Control

NEUMAN & ESSER already took the requirements for energy efficiency very seriously many years ago and therefore incorporated virtually loss-free volume control flow into its R&D plan. Without further ado, two development projects were registered simultaneously under the brand names of BLUEPOCKET® and BLUESTROKE® whereby a patent was also granted for the latter. Both work principles, whether via variable stroke setting or additional clearance pocket, provide output-adapted volume flow control of the reciprocating compressor and therefore a considerable contribution to increasing efficiency.

Gas-Tight Crankcase or Diaphragm Technology – the Response to the Customers’ Demand of Zero Emission

Whether in Europe, the USA or at globally active affiliated groups from the Petrochemicals and Oil & Gas sector – the demand of “Zero Emission” from machinery and systems is becoming more and more firmly anchored within the scope of sustainability and environmental protection for the operators. Accordingly, greenhouse gases such as CO2 and CH4 or toxic gases are no longer allowed to enter the atmosphere.

With diaphragm technology, which now comprises part of the NEA GROUP compressor portfolio as a result of the acquisition of Andreas Hofer Hochdrucktechnik, NEUMAN & ESSER is able to fulfill the postulate of absolutely emission- free compression. The construction principle of the diaphragm compressor, which is „hermetically sealed“, ensures this alone.

However, the design of the reciprocating compressor is different. In the crosshead version, leakage of the piston rod seal always occurs which, despite being minimal, can always escape into the atmosphere if the crankcase is not correspondingly sealed. Driven both by customer demands but also own R&D activities, e.g. for biogas feed compressors, the NEUMAN & ESSER Central Division of Technology (ZT) has already developed several of the proven crankcase sizes as gas-tight (GT) variants.

Whilst all moving parts in the crankcase have remained, special emphasis was placed on the stability of the cast material of the crankcase for the „GT“ version and on the selection of a suitable shaft seal for the crankshaft. In principle, dependent on the crankcase, the permissible tensions were either determined by “calculation” or by “compressing” and then deducing the necessary wall thicknesses.

Both methods resulted in the crankcase types now available with the supplement „GT“ for gas-tight (see illustration below from left to right: ZS25GT, EV1GT, EV63GT, ZS63GT, ZS80GT and ZS130GT). Depending on the application and the customer demands, the appropriate shaft seal is selected order-related. Here, gastightness and working life are the primary factors.

After some „lessons learned“, in particular in the biogas segment, a reliable solution now exists. Due to experience gained during the past five years as well as the selected design method for the crankcase, ZT can react very fast to sales’ requirements for further NEA crankcases for emission-free sealing – in concrete terms within two weeks. If technically feasible and desired by the customer, solutions with diaphragm technology and „Zero Emission“ will be looked for as a priority in the future, making gas-tight crankcase no longer necessary, but possible.


Expansion in India Creates More Capacities

November 20, 2015 will remain an unforgettable day for NEA India and Managing Director Atul Agarwal. On this day, the largest NEUMAN & ESSER investment in India, consisting of a new hall and an extension of the office and floor space was opened during the course of a celebratory act by Stefanie and Alexander Peters within the scope of a local ceremony. What is special about this? All the international Managing Directors participated in the ceremony as well as the local NEA employees, consultants and suppliers who had also worked on the construction project. The building was completed within the extremely short period of four and a half months under the management of Suresh Patil, supported by Dr. Norbert Winands, Vice President Operations in Übach-Palenberg.

The new hall has an area of 1,140 m² and is equipped with a 32 t head crane, enabling the movement of large components and, in part also compressor systems. The existing 420 m² hall is connected to the new area, ensuring optimum material flow. Nonetheless, separation of welding work and the later packaging of systems is taken into account.

»With its new setup NEA India has expanded its competences and is now able to meet virtually all customer demands under one roof.«

Moreover, the repairs area, to-date restricted to the repair of valves and packaging, has been extended. The new area plans for the establishment of repair competence for larger components.

Some compressor systems have already been assembled successfully in the small hall, utilizing help from third-party companies. The advantages are apparent: close-knit communication between project managers and production, quality control under one roof, the flexibility of short decision routes and the constant influence on quality and delivery deadlines have already proven their worth at other NEUMAN & ESSER locations. This means full responsibility combined with holistic control.

The additional built floor space is 687 m². Functions which were located in the administration building such as the archive and the canteen have now been moved to the extended building. Thus, some 300 m² office space have been freed for use. Activities at NEA India and NEA CAC are growing. In the meantime, NEA CAC supports all NEUMAN & ESSER Sales & Application Centers with engineering or CAD capacity.

In her speech, Stefanie Peters emphasized her satisfaction regarding the extension and the related optimism in the expansion potential of NEUMAN & ESSER activities on the Indian subcontinent. With its new setup NEA India has expanded its competences and is now able to meet virtually all customer demands under one roof. This creates additional competitiveness,
serving the requirements of local value-added.

Alexander Peters thanked all the suppliers who contributed to the completion of the building, primarily naturally Suresh Patil from NEA India. The year 2016 started with a healthy order received by Atul Agarwal for a refinery extension in India. Perfect timing!


Complex Components are Processed to Hundredths of Millimeters

“The Zeiss Accura 3D measurement machine with a volume of 3000 x 1600 x 1400 mm guarantees the functional safety of the components for the dimensioning of, for example, 250 mm with a precision of ± 4,5 μm. Designing the programs where the measurement course, strategies and results presentation are perfectly prepared provides me great pleasure for each workpiece.“

Christoph Otten, Measurement and Quality Control

“What is special about the Droop+Rein portal milling machine is its high cutting capacity combined with top precision, and that for the highest workpiece weights. The two clamping tables enable independent parallel processing of two workpieces, each weighing up to 30 t. This “milling giant” with a length of 28 m demands my full concentration, no matter whether when clamping and placing the workpieces or reading in and optimizing the CNC program – an exciting challenge for me for all components to be processed.“

Werner Nelles, CNC Milling Machine

“For a mechanical test run, it is crucial to align the ready-mounted compressor, such as for the horizontal rod run-out up to 0.02 mm in order to avoid potential bearing damages. These specifications are laid down in the NEA Standards and API 618.”

Lutz Kettenus, Test Bed

“Each grinding experiment for our customers is a special highlight. The optimum system configuration must be established and parameters defined for efficient operation. For example, precision is required for particle size analyses. Together with the recorded data, they serve for aligning a system according to our customer’s requirements.”

Alexander Effertz, Test Center


NEA GROUP Jubilarians in 2015 - the Foundation for Business Success

“Everything always used to be much more contemplative“, according to the oldest jubilarian last year, Klaus Peters, with his 50 years of service. All “NEUMEN” who still remember the company as a production works in Aachen absolutely agree. In the good old days, all jubilarians were collected from home with the Manager’s limousine and festively honored in the Managing Directors’ presence. The boss read out an anecdote about the vocational and personal career of the jubilarian, personally affixed an anniversary pin to his lapel and handed over the certificate of honor from the Chamber of Commerce. He found his workplace generously decorated by his colleagues and gave everyone who congratulated him a “small glass of schnapps” as a thank-you. However, the deserved 50-year jubilarians received the highest accolade. They were awarded the “Bundesverdienstmedaille” [Federal Merit Medal] from the Mayor in Office in the presence of a delegation from NEUMAN & ESSER.

And nowadays? Today there’s no schnapps for operative reasons. However, the ceremony for each jubilarian with the collection service, anecdotes, an anniversary pin and a certificate has been retained. Why? The Peters family recognizes the bond and the loyalty of each employee to the company. For them, the employees are the pillars of the company and genuine competence holders who have collected an invaluable wealth of experience and hand this down to the next generation. With the increasing degree of internationalization, the number of jubilarians also increases at the nine further locations worldwide. They will also be acknowledged as at the headquarters because tradition remains tradition!


One of the Employer Brand’s Focal Points: The Training of Apprentices

“As a family company, apprenticeship training means a lot to us. This is backed-up by the constant high number of over 90 apprentices at the three German production locations and the high apprenticeship quota of 16% within this context. We consciously train apprentices above and beyond our own needs. Therefore, we understand apprenticeship as more than a means to an end, we view it as an entrepreneurial task and societal responsibility for the “future generation!”, according to Stefanie Peters.

Apprentices at NEUMAN & ESSER are offered a portfolio of nine vocations in commercial, industrial and technical areas, of which five also incorporate dual training programs in conjunction with a degree course, e.g. at the Fachhochschule [University of Applied Sciences] Aachen or the Europäische Fachhochschule [European University of Applied Sciences] in Brühl and Neuss.

Right from the start, experienced trainers are available to the apprentices, who fulfill their tasks with great passion. However, when it boils down to it, training is borne by all the company’s employees. Knowledge is imparted further across the generations, sometimes even to one’s own child. In addition to external applicants also employees’ children, who are familiar with “NEUMAN” from an early age, often begin their career at NEA. NEA also provides an external contribution to the training. Some ten trainers are members of the Chamber of Commerce examination committees. With this honorary office, they follow a long NEA tradition of active involvement in societal responsibility.

»NEUMAN & ESSER is also well-known as an employer brand nationally.«

Stephanie Laumen, who recently successfully completed her apprenticeship as an industrial clerk, is happy: ”The in-depth insight in the departments enabled me to learn to work independently!“ She will continue her career at NEA and has started studying Business Economies and Business Psychology. Here, she follows the NEA maxim: After apprenticeship is before further training! This is one of NEUMAN & ESSER’s strategic measures, to train qualified experts themselves and to commit them to remain in the GROUP. A good qualification is not complete in the eyes of a technological leader after the apprenticeship.

“NEUMAN & ESSER is also well-known as an employer brand nationally. Our high retention rate demonstrates that we plan in the long-term and cover staffing requirements which cannot be planned from our own ranks.“, as Alexander Peters is happy to state. Therefore, problems associated with demographic change are unknown at NEA. Sustainability, also in training and human resources development always pay-off for the company. The proven NEA GROUP training concept will therefore also be applied at HOFER within the scope of integration.


The annual apprentices’ trips are a tradition since 2002. For a glimpse of all tours, please see the video below. Have fun!


NEA GROUP Companies are Socially Committed

Fundação Pavel

The aid project founded in 1992 by the Brazilian Honorary Consul Klaus Pavel and his wife Gudrun conveys the poorest of the poor the necessary knowledge to earn their own living. NEA América do Sul has supported this organization in Barão de Grajaú since 2012 and is happy that children from broken homes also gain self-respect there. This year, Pope Franziskus blessed the aid project and one child of the Fundação called Annasymbolically for all the children in this project.

Houston Food Bank

The Hunger Aid Organization in the USA has received active support from NEA USA and NEAC USA since 2012. During the first year, the workforce donated 1,956 kg of food. This is equivalent to more than 70 pounds of food per employee. In addition to the food contribution, everybody in Katy agreed to match $ 2.00 per pound to final donation weight as a financial aid. In this manner, the US subsidiary companies contributed a further $ 8,618, meaning that, according to the Houston Food Bank, the help provided enabled the provision of 38,781 meals.

L’Albero della Vita

NEA Italia and NEAC S.r.l. support the “Tree of Life” Foundation, located in Milan, with generous donations. Founded in 1997, it is now a global organization which accompanies children and youths from difficult backgrounds along their path of life. Alessandra Maldarella and Renata Bianchi from NEA Italia have visited “Zero Sei”, the center for babies and children of up to six years, regularly since 2002. Since 2015, the workforces of bothcompanies voluntarily donate part of their income in order to support the children and their pedagogical team further.

Safety Sponsoring

NEA and NEAC South East Asia supported the Bankhai Technical College in Rayong last year. In addition to protective footwear and protective gloves, the students were provided with goggles, toolboxes and earplugs. The target of this sponsoring was to sensitize the college students for work safety. Moreover, the plan was to support the students who did not possess sufficient financial means to afford safety equipment.

SOS Children’s Village of India

Last year, the Indian subsidiary concluded a Cooperation Agreement with the SOS Children’s Village in Pune. This organization was founded in 1995 and supports the wellbeing of children, youths and families worldwide. NEA India assumes the education costs for 26 orphans for one year. Atul Agarwal, Hemant Borhade and Suresh Patil celebrated the handover of the donation together with the children and the Manager of the SOS Children’s Village.

Donation for refugees

Last year, the workforce at the headquarters had the opportunity on four days to ease the start for all arrivals in Übach-Palenberg and surroundings in everyday life. From personal material donations to items of furniture, some 150 boxes were put together. The project was supported energetically by NEA employees. The donation campaign took place in cooperation with the refugee aid organization “Hand in Hand” from Übach-Palenberg.

Team Spirit

Sports Unite the NEA Family

Sports are fun! In particular also as a company activity or a leisure time group. Company sports have a long-standing tradition at NEUMAN & ESSER. Fairness, respect and tolerance are the basic values shared by all NEA sports friends. Often no more is needed than a compelling idea in the NEA GROUP and a company activities group becomes part of the program.

That is also how the BSG Tennis arose in Übach-Palenberg back in 1982. The former master craftsman, Heinrich Mertens, served as the initiator back then. He taught interested colleagues tennis free of charge at the company’s own tennis courts. The enthusiasm for tennis still exists today and reaches its climax during the regular “rags tournaments”.

The colleagues who lace-up their soccer boots are also very eager. Even Klaus Peters kicked around in his prime. Thanks to the organization by and around Rolf Hodenius, the BSG NEAnderthaler participate in numerous tournaments and organized two NEA company tournaments in 2009 and 2013. It involved a tough, but always fair struggle against the colleagues from the Stasskoler Dichtungsgeschwader and the Wurzener Kolbenfresser.

Cleated shoes are exchanged for running shoes for the annual company runs in Aachen, Leipzig and Magdeburg. Stimulated by the E-NEA-RGY T-shirts, the teams from the three NEA production locations achieve good team places every year. Thanks to Andreas Hirschter’s idea, last year teams were even formed which participated in the 8th Indeland Triathlon for the first time. They provided swimmers, bicyclists and runners who achieved superb team results.

But why not simply exchange muscular strength with horsepower during your leisure time? Thanks to the initiative by Franz-Josef Ritzen and Bernd Wagner, the NEA Pistons motorbike tours are held annually. The interest is so great that also customers and suppliers take a long journey into account so that they can conquer those bends in BeNeLux as part of the group.

»No matter which sport is in the foreground, what finally counts is the WE of the NEA family!«


Smart Ideas Change the NEA World

»With Idea Management we encourage a creative environment for detecting savings potentials and optimizing work processes.«

Does any better source for ideas exist than employees who question their own work processes?

Hardly. This is why NEUMAN & ESSER ensures that the employees’ ideas at all locations do not become a victim of everyday working life. To this end, Idea Management was reanimated in mid-2014, supported by Idea Officers. They originate from a wide array of areas and are therefore know-how carriers. As contact persons and motivators, they accompany the evolvement of an idea up to the solution approach. The coordinators expend great efforts to implement the submitted ideas as fast as possible. Therefore, the proposals are presented fast to the experts or heads of department for evaluation. Christian Mandelartz, Ideas Coordinator at the headquarters, retains an overview there. He manages the current status of the proposals submitted.

Since the introduction of Idea Management, 40 valuable ideas have been received. They have all been commended with a bonus as an acknowledgement. The top ideas which, regarding savings potential, creativity and implementation, are assessed as the best, are awarded a special bonus and an “extra” laudatory speech at the Christmas party. NEA GROUP thanks the award-winning creators of ideas from Übach-Palenberg over the past two years (in the picture from left to right): Daniel Smeetz, Dirk Schmitz, Alexander Merklinger, Thomas Krekelberg, Benjamin Heinen, René Rütten, Andreas Wirtz, Christopher Hucke, Sebastian Blöhm and Frank Strebe (not in the picture). Alexander Peters, for whom the esteem for the ideas is particularly important, said: “With Idea Management we encourage a creative environment for detecting savings potentials and optimizing work processes. This increases our competitiveness. We can only achieve this target hand in hand!”

Martin Predöhl


■ since November 2015: Commercial Manager of all German NEA companies, Group Controller NEA GROUP
■ Born on May 18, 1967 in Jülich, Germany, married, one son and one daughter

Education: ■ Business Studies degree at Cologne University, major fields of study: Finance, Marketing and Psychology

Professional Career: Controlling tasks at various Atlas Copco companies in Germany and India:
■ Controller and Credit Manager at Atlas Copco Energas, Cologne
■ Commercial Manager at:
Atlas Copco DreBo, Ravensburg
Atlas Copco Application Centre Europe, Essen
Atlas Copco Energas, Cologne
■ Division Controller at Atlas Copco Gas and Process Division, Cologne
■ Business Controller at Atlas Copco Compressor Technique India

Hobbies: ■ Family, Travel, Soccer, Tennis, Golf, Classic cars


Data Protection Creates Trust

The technical safety of the machinery and equipment produced enjoys top priority at NEUMAN & ESSER. However, information safety and data protection belong increasingly to the currently toughest challenges for companies such as the NEA GROUP within a global market. An erroneous click at the wrong time can have devastating consequences. Carelessness can possibly result in confidential data falling into the wrong hands.

In order to avert such risks, NEUMAN & ESSER will implement a campaign with the target of sensitizing employees sustainably to handle sensitive data correctly. These include NEA know-how which has been built-up and passed on over several generations. It comprises the intellectual capital of NEUMAN & ESSER that secures successful positioning within the market.

The data are part of various IT infrastructures such as Sharepoint, SAP, CRM, Leegoo Builder and machinery databases which are used worldwide. Even if numerous safety guidelines were already introduced a long time ago and technical data protection exists, the task now is to create an awareness for higher information and data safety amongst the employees. A safety culture should be developed within which the entire company and all individuals are involved. To this end, training is held for technical tools and organizational measures, enabling all employees to use these naturally during the course of everyday work when handling confidential and person-related data. As an accompanying measure, a menu item will be introduced in Sharepoint with regular contributions to the topic as well as a cult figure as an animation: Bob Secret. It will be interesting to observe!